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Online Oil Class
Online Oil Class - have Bonnie present a 30 minute oil class in your facebook group.
Wellness Call
(New Wholesale Customers or Wellness Advocates)

Welcome to the dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle!

Before getting on our call, make sure you watch the videos and download the live guide here:

Next Step: Watch the Natural Solutions Class Videos:
doTERRA Biz Plan
Set up your doTERRA Biz Plan (For New Personally Enrolled Advocates)

Welcome to our team!

Before scheduling this call, please make sure you had a Wellness Call with Bonnie and watched ALL the Build Videos- (Next Step: Watch all the LAUNCH videos here:

Be ready to share your goals!

Let’s set you up for success and take you to a new level!
Business Mentor Call
(For Personally Enrolled Wellness Advocates who are actively building a doTERRA biz)

Set up a personal business coaching call with Bonnie.

Before scheduling this call, please watch the videos in the Empowered Success Series: AND have your TOP 3 questions for Bonnie ready before the call.
Learn More Call
Getting to know doTERRA (Is this biz for you?)

Want to learn more about the doTERRA business and see if it's a good fit for you? Join Bonnie for a personal call where you can talk all about your needs, design your life, and ask questions.
Be Featured on Essential Oils for Moms
Be featured on Essential Oils for Moms (for Oil Leadership Team ONLY)

Questions that will be asked live:

#1 Tell me about yourself, your family, and where are you from?

#2 What are your top products that you love and how do you use them?

#3 What made you want to become a wellness advocate?

#4 How has doTERRA impacted your life?

#5 What are your goals with doTERRA?

#6 If someone is listening here who has never used oils before, what would you say to them?

I will send you the link about 10 minutes before the live video. You can use your phone or computer, horizontally. Please make sure you have good lighting.

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